Come and explore the world of
Hormone Yoga Therapy

Hormone Yoga Therapy Courses

Join my for term courses for beginners. During the length of the course I am teaching you the basic Hormone Yoga Therapy. A combination of  exercises, breathing, relaxation with visualisation and anti-stress techniques.

Dancing Hormone Workshop

Join my for a fun loaded workshop where we bring the elements of bellydance into to world of Hormone Yoga Therapy. We start by moving our hips and shoulders to activate and warm our body, brain and hormonal glands. Followed by a guided sequence of Hormone Yoga Therapy and ending with a divine relaxation. 

Hormone Yoga Therapy Try-Out Workshop

If you are curious about Hormone Yoga Therapy and what it’s all about, then this introduction is perfect for you. Join me and dip your toes into the world of Hormone Yoga Therapy to get an idea of what the practise entails and how you can benefit from it.

Moving Hormone Retreat

Let’s move our bodies to harmonise our hormones. This workshop is a collaboration of different Eastern Traditions. Bringing them together to give you a new experience in moving relaxation and body awareness. 

More to be revealed soon. So stay tuned!

Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women in Business

You are interested in Hormone Yoga Therapy but your day is pretty jam packed with work and family commitments. Then here is the solution. A short 30 to 45 min class of Hormone Yoga Therapy. Easily done during your lunch break or before/after the next big meeting. Allow yourself this quick re-boosting of your body!

Grounding Hormone Retreat

Bringing sound and movement together is nothing new. Join me for this collaborative workshop, bringing sound bowls into the practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy. Intensifying the experience by hearing and feeling the vibrations of the bowls aligned to the endocrine system.

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